Why choose Properly Protected?



Insurance is one of those things we either buy because we are forced to, due to legal requirement, such as Car Insurance, or reluctantly out of a sense of obligation, such as life insurance.

At Properly Protected we understand the sheer volume of options available when shopping for Personal Protection Insurance, so we decided to work directly with Underwriters to simplify the product range and provide cost effective, high cover policies to our many thousands of clients.

What happens if the worst happens and you cannot go to work due to illness or accident. You may have a benevolent employer who pays you for a period of time, however have you checked if their sick pay option covers you if you are injured whilst partaking in a sport or hazardous pursuit?

If you are self-employed, does your income directly relate to your ability to turn up and do a day’s work, what happens if you cannot work for any reason?

Short Term Income Protection Insurance.shutterstock-538618105-scaled-1486332021.jpg

Properly Protected Short Term Income Protection pays a tax-free lump sum each month if you cannot work due to either an accident or any illness; cover and premiums are tailored to suit you; and acceptance is guaranteed, with immediate cover available.

Income Protection Insurance does require you to be signed off work sick though, and we know that a lot of our clients will go through hell or high water to ensure they get back to work as soon as possible, even with fractures or debilitating injuries.

Personal Injury/Accident Insuranceshutterstock-134107355-scaled-1481365282.jpg

This is where our Personal Accident and Personal Injury Plans come into play. They are designed to pay lump sum payments almost immediately if you suffer injuries, such as Fractures, Dislocations, burns, and our Personal Accident Plan also pays significant lump sums if you suffer life changing injuries or total permanent disability in an accident. Our policies cover any sport or occupation, including hazardous pursuits and competitive sports as an amateur or professional.

We talk to many clients who have used the Personal Injury payments to help fund replacement sporting equipment after an accident, as it is often difficult to insure the item used in your chosen sport.

Accidental Death Insurance.

We can also offer Accidental Death cover, which would pay a significant lump sum to your loved ones, if you tragically lost your life in an accident; again our policy covers you for any sport or occupation, including hazardous activities.

In the words of our founder, Simon Farquhar;

Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it...

All of our policies do have certain terms and conditions that apply and our fully trained team of consultants can answer any questions you may have, or take a look at our website where you can find policy summaries in plain English outlining the cover you get with each product.