Motorcycle Sports Insurance


With no underwriting and immediate cover what's stopping you?

You may not realise it, but your existing insurance policies may exclude injury or death when participating in what they consider to be dangerous sports, such as: motorcycle track days, road racing and time trials, enduro riding, motocross, trials, green-laning, and so on.

Our motorcycle sports insurance plans can be purchased to cover personal injury and accidental death for all of your activities, including motorcycle sports as an amateur or professional racer, as well as at home, when away on holiday and even for accidents at work (employed or self-employed).

  • Personal Accident Motorcyclist (PA) from only £3.10 a week - Up to £3000 for fractures, dislocations or burns, up to £150 per night in hospital after first 24 hours. Total Permanent disability cover up to £150,000, Quadriplegia up to £300.00 payable, Paraplegia up to £150.000, permanent loss of use on one arm up to £37,500, see policy summary for full list of injuries cover. Accidental Death cover up to £150,000.
  • Short Term Income Protection (STIP) - Up to 12 months monthly benefit when you're unable to work from an accident or illness, paying back to day-one after 14-days signed off work
  • Personal Injury Plans (PIP) from only £1.18 a week - Up to £3,000 for fractures or dislocations and up to £75 per night in hospital after the first 24 hours (maximum 45 nights).
  • Accidental Death (AD) from only £1.30 a week - Choose £50,000 or £100,000 benefit (covers accidental death only, i.e. not from sickness).

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If you're looking for INCOME PROTECTION, look no further...

You may not be aware that many employers do not pay sick pay if you are injured outside of work or whilst carrying out dangerous activities such as Motorcycle Racing, Trackdays, Moto-X etc.

You can also add cover to protect up to 60% of your gross monthly salary with Short Term Income Protection (STIP) - specifically designed for bikers but also covering sickness too:

  • Up to 12-months accident and sickness benefit (pre-existing medical conditions excluded)
  • Minimum monthly cover available is £250 per month.
  • Maximum monthly benefit is £2000 per month (equivalent of 60% for people earning £40,000 per year).
  • A choice of "back to day one" cover after 14 or 30 days absence when signed-off from work, or choose to "defer" benefits for a cheaper premium (depending on your rainy day fund or sick pay at work).
  • Evidence of average monthly income may be required by the insurer at point of claim.

Perfect for self-employed people who ride motorcycles, play sports, work at heights or in a physical job as cover continues when AT WORK (all trades covered) and when playing ANY SPORTS as an amateur or professional - not just when riding a motorcycle.

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Now you've protected yourself, what about your bike(s)?

Working with our partner BeMoto we have products available to insure all types of motorcycles, including track and dirt bikes on road with "Daytime MOT" or for Fire & Theft only, even without a V5 "log book"...

  • Track and Race Bike Fire & Theft Insurance (even without a V5)
  • Dirt and Quad Bike Fire & Theft Insurance (even without a V5)
  • Road Insurance for all types of motorcycles (discounts for off road experience)
  • Custom and Modified Bike Insurance (including daylight MOT for road use)
  • Road-Legal Quad Bike Insurance
  • Trike Insurance
  • Race Van Insurance

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