Martial Arts Sports Injury Insurance


Properly Protecting your lifestyle for Boxing and Martial Arts Accidents: Judo, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxing, Boxing, Aikido, Wrestling and any other sports as an amateur or professional.

You are also covered at home, at work and when travelling abroad (so long as you are a UK resident) - including many high risk occupations.

Terms, Conditions, Limits and Exclusions apply.

What types of cover are available for martial arts and contact sports?

We offer plans that suit all types of clients and budgets with NO underwriting and immediate guaranteed acceptance:

  • Short Term Income Protection (STIP) - Up to 12 months monthly benefit when you're unable to work from an accident or illness, paying back to day-one after 14-days signed off work
  • Personal Accident (PA) - Up to £3000 for a fracture, dislocation or burn and £150 per night in hospital (max 45 nights), £300.000 quadriplegia, £150.000 total permanent disability. Up to £150.000 payable for accidental death.
  • Personal Injury Plans (PIP) - Up to £3,000 for a fracture or dislocation and £75 per night in hospital (maximum 45 nights after the first 24 hours), from only £1.18 per week
  • Accidental Death (AD) - Choose either £50,000 or £100,000 cover from only £1.30 per week (covers accidental death only, i.e. not death from an illness).

Perfect for self-employed people and sports enthusiasts; covers you AT WORK (all trades covered including dangerous occupations) and whilst playing ANY SPORTS as an amateur or professional.

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