Independant Financial Advice


We have been speaking with our trusted Financial Advice Partner, Simon Farquhar and Associates (SFA) Limited about what our clients can do to potentially save money.

It is common to shop around for deals on car or home insurance, we even do it with our pet insurance, however people tend not to compare the premium rates for life insurance when taking out cover. Most commonly we find people leave it to their mortgage broker or bank to sort out.

Did you know that a whole of market Financial Adviser can research the entire market for you free of charge and ensure you have, not only the best cover for your needs, but also at the best price.

The Life Insurance market is constantly evolving and Insurers will regularly review the cover and premiums, which means it is worth reviewing your existing cover every few years, to see if you can get a better deal on your existing cover.

An Independent Financial Adviser is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and not only works to the exacting regulations, they have to justify any advice they give in writing, ensuring you get the correct advice at all times based on your circumstances when discussed.

Our advisers will call you and ask a number of questions about your circumstances, to enable them to form a picture of what cover you need for your own particular circumstance (another reason to regularly review, as circumstances can change over time).

They will then go away and carry out their research of the entire Insurance market, before presenting you with their advice. All of this is with no obligation and ensures you can see an overall picture of what is best for you.

Email us at to arrange a convenient time for a call-back from one of our qualified advisers.